Arrow Functions in Dart

Arrow Functions in Dart

Arrow Functions are a short and concise manner to represent functions in Dart. Arrow functions are also called Lambda and Fat Arrow Functions.


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Arrow Functions are a short and concise manner to represent functions in Dart. Arrow functions are also called Lambda Functions. But here remember that by using the Arrow function’s syntax you can only return one expression. It must be only one line expression. Just like a normal function, the arrow function cannot have a block of code to execute.

If your function has only one expression to return then to quickly represent it in just one line you can use the Arrow function.
ReturnType functionName(ParameterType parameter) => expression;
  • Here also note that we don’t need a return statement explicitly.
int ShowSum(int numOne, int numTwo) => numOne + numTwo;

main() {
  print(ShowSum(10, 20));

  • ReturnType is the type of value that the function will return.

  • functionName is the name you give to your function.

  • ParameterType is the type of the function's parameter.

  • parameter is the actual parameter value.

  • expression is the single expression that the function will evaluate and return.


Arrow functions are commonly used for creating inline functions and callbacks. They are particularly useful when you need to provide a single expression as the function body. Arrow functions automatically return the result of the expression without needing an explicit return keyword.

So, guys, That’s it for Arrow Functions. And as I always say Please explore it, practice it, and try to understand it conceptually.

Feel free to let me know if I miss something. Till then Keep Loving, Keep Coding. And I’ll surely catch you up in the following article.

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